Epic Interval Training

Get freakishly fit at home with one kettlebell


A Kettlebell Strength and Conditioning Program that teaches you how to move with a progressive leveling system.


***BONUS*** Members get FREE access to all educational workshops and videos, Live or On-Demand. Videos start at $49 for non members. 10+ hours, new video added each cycle.


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“Cassidy’s workouts are amazing! Every day has a specific focus (cardio, strength, endurance, etc.), so it’s not the same kind of workout every day. And she changes up the programming every month so I never get bored. The workouts are intense, but Cassidy gives 3 different levels for each exercise/movement so if you need to level down, you can. And the on demand classes allow me to workout whenever is convenient. This is the only workout program I’ve tried that has kept me motivated and gotten real results.”
“Epic interval training is the most fun effective workout I’ve ever done. Period."
“EPIC Interval Training with Cassidy has been an absolute game-changer in helping me build and maintain fitness, learn new skills, and have fun while juggling job, commute, and family. Cassidy's workouts are efficient, challenging, FUN (never boring), and accessible at every level: I've continued working out with EPIC through pregnancy thanks to modifications. Cassidy's ridiculously smart programming, awesome teaching style, and attention to technique leave me feeling tired but supercharged after every class. I love working out this way!"
“Cassidy’s online workouts have become my favorite way to workout. She provides high quality programming that is fun, ever-changing, challenging and suitable for all different levels!"
“Epic Interval training is the most effective exercise program and life style I have ever engaged in. The focus on mobility and progression has changed both my mind and my body. I did daily Epic workouts while pregnant and I credit a large part of my positive birth and postpartum experience to the conditioning I participated in under Cassidy’s tutelage.I have loved movement and exercise my entire life, but I look forward to these workouts in a way I’ve never anticipated before. Truly, this program is life changing

“EPIC Interval Training has completely transformed the way I think about fitness and working out - for the better. It’s given me confidence, and strength that is unmatched."



People who want to get strong and lean in minimal time with little equipment, without feeling uncertain if you’re “doing it right”. Must want to:

Does not need:



All you need is one kettlebell. Pull up bar is optional. 
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Step 2.


All programming is taught live on zoom each week but is also available On-Demand if you can't make it!


We have a special way of measuring progress so you can see your gains for the month. Stick around for more gains with each new cycle.


How long are the classes?

Each class is 45 minutes. There are also  "Under 20 minute" and "Under 30 minute" sections in the On-Demand library for days you are short on time

How many classes should I take?

For the best results you need to consistently take 2-4 classes/week

What equipment do I need?

Only one Kettlebell but the more the merrier. A pull up bar is sprinkled into programming but there is a substitute exercise if you do not have one. Even a door frame bar will work.

I'm not very fit or experienced with Kettlebells, is this right for me?

YES. This is for all levels. EPIC's 3-level system and interval format allows you to learn and move at your own pace.

Can I just join for one month to try it out?

Yes! All memberships are billed monthly, but you're welcome to cancel any time before your next bill date. You can cancel within your own account, no jumping through hoops!



If you want to dive deeper into learning or teaching movements from kettlebell swings to push ups, these workshops are where it's at.

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